Is it possible to put stone veneer over brick?

Installing stone veneer is a cost-effective solution for those who want a natural stone-like appearance but want to save money. Stone veneer closely resembles natural stone, with the exception that it is not a sustainable resource and is not intended to last indefinitely, as natural stone is. For homeowners who want to make improvements to their properties, One of the simplest ways to improve the look of a wall is to use stone or stone-like materials to create a new exterior. Stone veneer is widely used for the exterior of houses, and it can be a major improvement for homes constructed of concrete. However, the question remains: will stone veneer be installed over brick? Continue reading to learn more about stone veneer and how to mount it on your home.

What Is Stone Veneer and How Does It Work?

Stone veneer is a kind of construction material that looks like natural stone. This fake stone is a man-made substance that is built to look just like real stone. It’s difficult to tell the difference between stone veneer and natural stone, except with the most observant minds.

Certainly, veneer can be built over stone. However, troweling mortar onto the brick and then applying the veneer is the simplest method. Veneer adheres best to a smooth board. Over the brick, which has a solid and porous surface for veneer attachment, a scratch coat is normally added.

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