What exactly is “Thin Veneer Stone?”

Natural Thin Veneer Stone was built to be a safer alternative to man-made, artificial stone. Architects have been known to use imitation or cultured stone in their designs. Because of its lightweight and ease of installation, the cultured stone was initially popular for commercial and residential projects. Time has exposed the intrinsic shortcomings of such man-made goods.

Fake stone (cultured stone) is a painted or colored cement commodity that fades with time, cannot be washed with harsh chemicals, and when chipped, appears aged due to the exposed cement interior. Because of these shortcomings, the stone industry has switched to mining building stone and grinding it as thin as cultured stone.

It has changed the construction stone industry to the point that an artist can now build in “all-natural thin stone” rather than cultured stone. The end result will have the look, sound, and beauty that only natural stone can offer. Each choice is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Natural stone veneer may be added to both masonry and wood surfaces without the use of adhesives.

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