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5 Trim Tips for Your Home

Today, I’m going to share my top interior trim tricks. It may seem like an afterthought, but choosing the right trim for your home’s exterior is critical in highlighting your home’s best features. It can be used to blend in with your siding or to add a splash of colour to make your home stand out. Whatever design you are searching for, make sure to do your research first and then make your decision.

First and foremost, paint it cool.

To make wood trim look more new and modern, I recommend avoiding some really warm wall colours. Nothing will make your dark wood trim seem more orangey or “dated” than a warm paint tone on your walls (yellow, tan, orange, red etc..). I choose neutrals, off-whites, light or dark greys (depending on the amount of light in the room), or jewel tones.

Tip #2: New Furniture

Avoid furniture that has the same wood colour as the trim. I’d rather see metals, lacquered parts, black, distressed trees, and so on… CLEAN LINES- keep your furniture mainly new- a few sleek pieces combined with some antiques or distressed pieces will give you the blend that will give you the feeling of an eclectic home.

Tip #3: Color is a lot of fun

Get some COLOR fun! I’m all for incorporating colour into spaces with wood trim, and I adore jewel tones in pillows, rugs, and artwork. I still like cool colours such as blues and oranges, as well as muted washed out pinks and peaches.

4th tip: keep it neutral.

If adding colour isn’t your thing, it’s perfectly fine to leave it all NEUTRAL; just add appeal with texture, greenery, designs, or a graphic pop of interest. Here’s a great example from the Evolution of Style Blog.

5th tip: pique people’s attention

Take any chances with the form and size of your lights, as well as the finishes! It is surprising and brings a focal point to the room, as in this example.

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