Can Veneer Be Installed Over Painted Brick?

Since paint is not porous like brick, a wet scratch coat cannot be added directly to painted brick. Similarly, sanded smooth brick or rather crumbly brick would not have a solid enough base for either the scratch coat or the veneer.

Is it possible to install veneer over brick?

Certainly, veneer can be built over stone. However, troweling the mortar onto the brick and then applying the veneer is the simplest method. To adhere to, veneer demands a good surface. Typically, a scratch coat is applied over the brick, which has a firm and porous surface for veneer attachment.

Whats the Price Of A Feature Wall Installation?

A typical feature wall installation typically costs between $500 and $3,000, depending on multiple factors:

Do your walls come with a warranty?

Wall Crafted warrants our products to be defect-free in the materials and craftanship. Natural wear and tear is not shielded and is considered normal. Damage attributable to an error or misuse of the customer shall not be compensated. Natural differences of materials are not known to be faults.

Can i get samples of your material?

Yes, we can provide samples of various styles, finishes & textures to help you choose from.